Six citizens from Moldova and Russian Federation found a new method to steal money from ATMs in Moscow. Men pumped gas into ATMs then blew them up and stole the money. Six people, four Moldovan and two Russian citizens, were arrested last week by police in Moscow on suspicion of association with a criminal gang.

According to Irina Volk, official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow, six people were detained while trying to steal money from an ATM, located in a grocery store in Domodedovo Street, Moscow.

"Members of the criminal group carried out their illegal activities over a longer period of time in different regions of Russia. Four people from Moldova and two from Russian Federation, residing in Moscow region, were caught red-handed. The police seized special gas pumping equipment, extrication tools and three cars", said Volk, cited by

Following some rapid information, the offenders were caught red-handed, while pumping gas into an ATM, where there were about 2 million rubles.

Criminal proceedings were initiated with reference to the above mentioned facts and law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation are trying to determine whether the same criminal group was involved in a similar case that took place on May 22 in Moscow. Then, at 01:00 am, three unknown persons forced the private door, entered the store and stole money from an ATM that was there. Prior to this, the ATM was blown.

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