A group of Moldovan citizens, engaged in a scheme to illegally cross cigarettes across the border by air has been identified by border guards in a criminal case on the fact of smuggling of tobacco products from Moldova to Romania.

Thus, last week, based on an information, officers from investigation and prosecution of the Border Police Department stopped the traffic of a Mercedes Vito, who tow a trailer on route R3 Chisinau-Hincesti.

As a result of the search of the trailer, there were found 15 boxes that were packed in 10.000 packs of cigarettes, Ashima brand. Similarly, they found a moto-deltaplan.

In the primary research, it was determined that the entire consignment of cigarettes would arrive in Romania using the aircraft. The driver, a Moldovan citizen of 30 years, has made statements on the goods detected.

Border Police continue to take action in order to establish and punish the persons involved and the elucidation of circumstances, and then will come back with details.

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