Two citizens of Moldova, Ion Turcan and Pavel Gingota, were sentenced by an English court to jail for stealing and laundering more than £ 2.5 million. According to the Court of Old Bailey, Ion Turcan will spend in prison five years and eight months, while Pavel Gingota - seven years, portal informs.

British prosecutors proved in court that the two Moldovan citizens had stolen money from multiple accounts using a Trojan virus, Dridex, that allowed remote access to bank accounts. The virus was sent to victims via email, in form of a Word document.

The two criminals attracted the attention of police in February 2015, when British officers began investigating into the theft of half a million pounds from a company. The investigation found that in February- March 2014, 199 bank accounts were accessed from one or two computers.

When police raided the house of Turcan and Gincota in West Drayton, they found a pile of false driving licenses, passports and identity cards, many with photos of the two.

The prosecutor Alistair Richardson said in court that the two Moldovan citizens were part of a sophisticated fraud network and investigation actions concerning them had been extended.

Turcan and Gincota were arrested on 1 February 2016 in a car in Heston Community Centre. Incriminating messages were found in the phones of the criminals.  Thus, Turcan had a conversation with another offender, who wrote, "Nice and clean, I sucked everything," to which Turcan replied, "Good job".


Steve Brown, senior officer of the National Investigation ANV Cyber Crime Unit said, "Pavel Gincota and Ion Turcan are serial money launderers, who have processed millions of pounds through hundreds of bank accounts to finance their life style".

The two Moldovan citizens admitted their guilt. Gingota was also accused of depriving a person of EUR 25 thousand, committed in 2012 in Germany.

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