A young, previously convicted man, aged 27, was caught by Chisinau police, while trying to break into an apartment.

The police detained the man as he tried to flee. They found on him gold jewelries, cash amounting to $ 2600 dollars and 3800 euros, stolen from another apartment in Buiucani District.

The thief tried to bribe the police officers, offering them cash in the amount of 2000 euros just to be released. In this context, the officers requested a task force to document the case. The perpetrator also tried to escape from the police, attacking them with tear gas. Thus, the police used special means of detention and handcuffed the man.

Previously, the young man had been wanted for similar offenses by the Police Inspectorate of Botanica, he was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment. Being detained, he will be investigated for theft in especially large proportions.

If found guilty, the suspect risks imprisonment for a term of 7-12 years.

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