According to a study conducted by the General Prosecutor’s Office on Cybercrime, 60 criminal cases were initiated on cybercrimes during the first 6 months of this year compared to 58 criminal cases initiated in the same period of the last year, i.e.:
• 14 - infringement of inviolability of private life;
• 6 - violation of secrecy of correspondence;
• 7 – violation of copyright and related rights; 
• 14 - child pornography; 
• 2 - false payment cards;
• 2 - illegal access to computer information;
• 2 - the manufacture, import, marketing or illegal access to technical devices or software;
• 1 - illegal interception of computer data transmission;
• 1 - altering the integrity of computer data held in a computer system;
• 3 - disturbing the functioning of the computer system;
• 1 - false information; 
• 6 - computer fraud;
• 1 - unauthorized access to networks and telecom services.

In the same period prosecutors sent to court eight criminal cases of cybercrime for examination.

The courts have also convicted 4 charged persons.

Of the four people that have been sentenced to various punishment:
- 2 persons have been sentence to imprisonment;
- 2 persons have been punished by a fine.

Prosecutor General’s Office reminds that in 2014, due to generalization of the prosecution and judiciary practice, the Prosecutor General issued an order by which all prosecutors have to report within 24 hours about crimes in information and telecommunications. The information presented by prosecutors will be constantly monitored to ensure the effective investigation of cybercrime and for the uniformity of law enforcement practice.

Simultaneously, the Prosecutor General’s Office undertakes administrative and organizational measures aimed at enhancing the quality of investigations and the accountability of prosecutors specializing in combating cybercrimes and to ensure effective collaboration with specialized prosecution institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and foreign partners.

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