Several individuals were detained for hooliganism, theft and other crimes, following the actions carried out at night by police officers of Chisinau.

Mobile teams intervened and detained several individuals red-handed. At around 1:00 a.m. two young men from the village of Ciorescu were detained, while stealing from a filling station 9 canisters of diesel fuel, amounting to 28 liters. They were escorted to the inspectorate and prosecuted for theft.

Another case was registered in Maria Dragan St., Ciocana District of Chisinau. A minor aged 17, was detained while trying to dismantle and steal a battery and other material goods from a Mercedes. A Task Force crew was requested to the spot, the defendant will be prosecuted for theft.

In Tohatin, police officers arrested a man, aged 41, who set on fire a woman's hut. The fire was liquidated by firefighters and the individual was escorted to the Inspectorate for hearings. He is to be investigated and risks imprisonment of up to six years.

Another man, aged 24, was arrested in Kiev St., Rascani District of Chisinau, for storing drugs similar to amphetamine. He was escorted to the Republican Narcological Health Center, then to the inspectorate to be documented in compliance with the procedure provided by law. Also a possible drug dealer was noticed in Drumul Crucii St., Ciocana, carrying narcotic substances of vegetable origin. In both cases, the suspects risk being prosecuted for illegal entry into circulation of narcotic or psychotropic substances.

Two men were handcuffed, while aggressing a 20-year-old in Canton street, Rascani district of Chisinau. They were escorted to the Inspectorate to investigate the circumstances and will be prosecuted for hooliganism.

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