Democrat MP, Constantin Țuțu, says he has no influence over the investigation of the murder of Alexei Veretco in April 2012, for which he was acquitted by the Orhei Court in 2016.

"I attend every court hearing. If I had any influence, I would have stopped this investigation long ago. I come to the court, but the injured party doesn’t," the deputy said.

Constantin Țuțu also said that Vitalie Selari, mayor of Bacioi, who accused him of persecuting his family, is his rival. The Democrat added he does not want the mayor's office in his home town. At the same time, it is not clear why Selari is his rival.

Deputy Țuțu admitted that he is building a house on Grenoble Street in Chisinau, and there are many dubious persons there. He also claims to have bought the land legally.

"I'm transparent. People know my house, my income. I’m not hiding anything," the Democrat said.

Țuțu also said that he does not provide security services for the neighborhood, where the smugglers live and the fact that there are cars with the emblem containing the initials of his name is a mere coincidence: "Almost the entire city wear such emblems."
Constantin Țuțu believes that all the inconvenient articles about him in the press are written at the order of his political opponents. The deputy also said he did not want to answer the questions of ordinary people; he will communicate only with journalists.  

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