The employees of the Special Operations Division of the National Investigation Inspectorate have discovered a clandestine production network of counterfeit alcoholic drinks.

As a result of the carried out investigations, the police determined that the suspects, five people, aged between 25 and 40 years, residing in Balti counterfeited strong drinks (brandy, vodka) of ethyl alcohol.

The alcohol was bottled in glass bottles of 0.5 litres and 1 litre, with false excise stamps and labels of various trademarks.

The five are suspected of being part of an illegal network of manufacturing, storage, transportation and marketing of counterfeit alcohol production in the north of the country.

The police have raided the homes of suspects. Here they found and withdrew 1,040 litres of alcohol, 351 bottles of vodka and 651brandy  bottles with a volume of 0.5 litres each, cork and plastic caps, empty plastic bottles, as well as a metal bottling machine.

The amount of alcohol goes up to about 100 thousand lei.

The suspects had no documents or certificates which would allow their activity.

If the respective persons turn out to be guilty, they risk a fine from 40 000 to 60 000 lei.

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