A couple from Chisinau was arrested being suspected of child trafficking. The 26- year-old man was taken into custody, and the 25-year-old woman is investigated at large.

The employees of the Center of combating human trafficking have documented the couple’s criminal activity for three months.  In the meanwhile, the two were trying to hide their intensions by publishing various announcements on 999.md , and in such a way managed to recruit 4 young women aged between 18 and 25, including also a 16-year-old minor. The young women wre sold to customers at 1000 lei per hour, for erotic massage and intimate services.

After the investigation, it was established that the woman accused was a relative of the sexually exploited minor. The couple had a great influence on her because of her age and very poor social situation.  To take absolute control over her, the traffickers sheltered her at their house and transported her to clients to deliver commercial sexual services.

After several investigations, the criminals were detained, and the minor was rescued from the exploiting situation, being given psychological and social assistance.

If found guilty of committing child trafficking, the criminals are facing a punishment by imprisonment up to 20 years.

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