An old woman was killed by a young man in her own home, after which the house was set on fire. The murder occurred in the Durleşti city yesterday evening, September 12.

Chisinau City Police Department informs that a team of firefighters and rescuers and an operative group of the Police Inspectorate of Buiucani, moved to the spot.

Following the fire localization, police discovered in a room corpse of a woman of 64, who turned out to be the owner of the house. Subsequently, preliminary coroner concluded that the woman had been killed, finding traces of violence on the head.

In this context officers have initiated an extensive investigations on specialized measures to identify and apprehend the alleged perpetrator.

Thus, according to the information gathered by the police officers, involved in this case would be an individual aged 24, earlier judged, originally from Hincesti who was temporary living at the address. Police also found that during the fire, he had been seen leaving the house by neighbors .

At around 03.30, he was located and arrested by a mixed crew of Police, patrolling the streets of Durleşti. During the arrest the individual resisted the police and tried to escape, damaging the side windscreen of the police car.

He was detained for a period of 72 hours in the isolator of the Police Department of Chisinau and he will be investigated for intentional homicide.

According to the criminal legislation in force the suspect can be punished by imprisonment from 10 years to 15 years. 

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