The criminal authority, Sasha Tagan, along with six other members of the gang, have been detained for smuggling of consumer goods, introduced into the country through the Transnistrian region. The goods were purchased from the Ukrainian market called the 7th km and later illegally introduced into the country and traded in the markets of Chisinau.

Deputy Chief of the Prosecutor's Office for Combating Organized Crime and Special Causes, Valeriu Bodean, specified in a press conference that the group had been surveyed for four months.

 "The perpetrators smuggled clothes, footwear, carpets and other goods into the country. The gang operated for about two years and delivered goods into our country practically every week. Once purchased in Ukraine, the goods were loaded into a minibus and brought into the country through the Transnistrian region, transported to the warehouses in Chisinau and subsequently distributed for commercialization. The suspects travelled at nighttime to avoid any possible troubles on the route. Each member of the group had a well-defined role and the operations were carried out by different people in order not to catch the attention of the police," Bodean said.

The prosecutor noted that the seized goods amount to one million lei. “There have been carried out 10 searches in the warehouses and at the suspects' homes. Following the raids, law enforcers found 20 mobile phones used by the smugglers for communication, as well as other evidence that could facilitate the investigation process. At the same time, we are considering the version that there are certain public figures, protecting the group," Bodean said.


According to law enforcers, the group leader is known in the criminal world as Sasha Tagan, who is from Bender. He has a criminal record, being previously investigated for smuggling, theft, evasion of customs payments and causing bodily injuries.

The group members are of 28 to 41 years of age. At present, everyone is under arrest.

According to the official data, since the beginning of the current year, the police have destroyed six criminal groups, engaged in smuggling of goods through the Transnistrian region. Law enforcers sequestrated goods in the amount of over 10 million lei. At the same time, the state budget is annually damaged by tens or hundreds of millions of lei due to smuggling.

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