A criminal group specialized in smuggling tobacco products, was decomposed. Following the investigations, it was established a group of people from Transnistria, suspected of transporting, storage and transmission of contraband tobacco products to Romania.

The people involved had clearly defined roles. The cigarettes of "Ashima" brand, were taken from a warehouse located in the town of Camenca, Transnistria, and then transported across the river Nistru to a region of Sănătăuca village, Floreşti district. Subsequently, the tobacco products were taken by others, in order to be transported by smuggling into Romania, through the “green” segment of the state border.

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On December 10th, the police carried out searches at the residence of a 27-year-old man, resident of Cunicea village, Florești district, where they found and seized 37 boxes of cigarettes of "Ashima" brand, a total of 17 490 packages of cigarettes that were stored in the inbuilt garage, and 17 empty cigarettes packages of the same brand, which were hidden in the attic.

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At the moment, the law enforcement authorities are taking the necessary investigative measures, to document all the people involved in this crime. 

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