Three members of a criminal group were detained and arrested for 30 days on suspicion of drug marketing.

Following the investigations carried out by officers of Anti-drug Directorate jointly with inspectors of the Centre of the Border Service established that the criminal group organized various schemes for introduction in Moldova of narcotic like Ecstasy, amphetamine, heroin and narcotics. The drugs were sold across the country, and some were in transited, with the final destination of Russian Federation.

 Thus, the group created a scheme of introducing contraband in the market of psychotropic substances (Subutex pills) in the country. France was the country of origin and the drugs arrived in Moldova through parcels sent by bus route, which are hidden in boxes with food. Subsequently, the drugs were distributed to the final consumers, and each member of the criminal group had a share of the funds obtained from the sale of the drugs.

 On 6 August, after carrying out a series of actions in Chişinău and Leuşeni Border station, where packages were introduced by minibus route France - Chisinau, was found a minibus carrying drugs in concealed packages. Upon receipt of the package by the organizer, he was detained by officers of BPDS "Lightning".

 In the package were found 78 blister packs of pills with the inscription Subutex being hidden in coffee cans, a total of 545 psychotropic pills. A tablet of this kind is sufficient to meet the consumer need of 5 to 10 drug users.

 In Moldova, the pills were sold at a price of MDL 600-800 a piece. Following the completion of their alleged members of the group would have charged about MDL 430.000. In France, a plate was purchased at the price of EUR 2.5 (about RON 55).

 There were subsequently detained another 2 members of the group who had the role of distributing drugs to consumers, being found two psychotropic pills titled "Aprozalam", mobile phones and other means of communication and identity documents with signs of forgery issued by Romanian authorities.

 Members of criminal group detained, risk a punished by imprisonment from 7 to 15 years. 

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