We cannot escape criminals even online. They keep pace with technology and push on us through all kinds of pictures that either threaten us or present their lifestyle (villas, limousines, money and gold. Facebook has been recently invaded by criminals’ profiles.

This time, the Tanase clan of Gypsies, activating in Iasi, defied all Romanian justice, when the arrival of Belgian Tanase, internationally wanted for nearly 10 years, was filmed Live on Facebook by his son, Anderson Tanase.

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The Gypsy clan in Iasi was stirred, when they saw that their leader returned. Anderson Tanase, Belgian’s son, immediately celebrated this event by publishing a picture with the following comment: "After many years, finally, the sun is shining on our side of the street. My king has come home .. "

Additionally, you can see Belgian Tanase dining in Iasi, Romania, he is wearing a gray t-shirt with PUMA inscription.

Escape from the country

In June 2007, Belgian Tanase was sentenced to four years of imprisonment for driving without a license and refusal to accept the results of biological sampling. As soon as the police released him, he fled to France. Even if he was wanted, the criminal did not hide from law enforcement agencies, he continued his quiet life in France and England. Moreover, he frequently published photos on Facebook, displaying his activities abroad. Belgian’s relatives also posed with him when they visited him in Paris or London. On social media the criminal used the nickname "Belgi Belgy", adevarul.ro claims.

Indifference of justice, Belgian’s release

There is a price for everything and this time Romania was the one to pay. For nine years, Romanian authorities have not made any effort to catch the shady leader that was wanted. Especially given the fact that he is Cosmos Tanase’s brother, a notorious criminal who in 2014 was sentenced to 9 years and six months of imprisonment for cocaine trafficking. Previously, he dealt with human trafficking and pimping.

It is hard to believe that Belgian was not involved in the affairs of his brother, but the prosecutors failed to prove his involvement. Or maybe they did not want to, being indifferent towards Tanase clan, which in early 2000 had seized Iasi.

On 26 August 2016, Iasi Court decided to cancel his arrest warrant, along with the European arrest warrant, and Belgian became free. Nobody could touch him. Magistrates' decision can be found below:

Decizia magistraților.jpg

The court's decision about Belgian Tanase

Tanase clan - prostitution, cards, drugs and Manele

The Tanase clan has been involved in crimes since 1989, when these criminals’ father was arrested. Revolution contributed to the release of Dacian Tanase, Cosmos’ father, who had started with petty crimes, such as theft and continued with real estate affairs. Having illegally seized several buildings, he sold apartments to interested persons.

Cosmos, however, sought a better life and went to Germany in 1993, as braila24.ro reports. He used to send children begging, while he dealt with thefts. A German police raid ended that begging network. Children were sent home, but Tanase managed to escape being expelled to Romania in 2002.

On our native land, he did not keep away from crime and several months after his experience in Germany, he was searched by Romanian police, being charged with deprivation of liberty in Galati.

The clan has always enjoyed the protection of police and magistrates of that region of the country, as you will see further. In 2002, Cosmos was wanted by police, although he lived in a stately villa, situated in the street across the police headquarters in Iasi. For two years no one had been able to touch him or hold accountable. In 2004, the Interpol issued an international warrant for his arrest, but Romanian magistrates sign the warrant only when Cosmos left the country and the Border Police did not dare to stop him, although he was investigated in a criminal case for deprivation of freedom, specifically, for the sequester of a prostitute.

cosmos tanase, antena3.ro 2.jpg

Cosmos. Tanase wearing sunglasses, antena3.ro

Sources in the Romanian Police have confirmed to journalists of Crime Moldova that Tanase had bought his protection in the early 2000s, as many other shady leaders such as Ioan Clamparu or Nutu Camataru did. The police also said that Tanase also committed offenses in Spain, and Italy, some of the crimes involved Ioan Clamparu, the biggest human trafficker in Romania.

According to police officers who served at that time, Cosmos was one of Clamparu’s lieutenants in Romania and that was not a secret. Since 2000, Gypsy’s leader in Iasi used to send girls to the "pig head" in Madrid. Over the time, Cosmos managed to create his own network in Malaga, where he was one of the most influential human traffickers.

ioan clamparu, libertatea.ro.jpg

Ioan Clamparu, libertatea.ro

Spanish investigators found that during 2000 -2006 Tanase clan sent to Spain over a hundred girls, recruited from the Iasi, Neamt, Bacau, Vaslui, Braila, Constanta and Maramures. Many of them were promised a job, but arriving at the destination, they were forced into prostitution. Besides this, they were assaulted, abused and forced to have sex for money. The network also included women, who had chosen this activity on their own initiative.

Police sources said that Tanase tried to engage in the Italian pimping market, but failed.

Tanase’s network, led by Cosmos, was neutralized by Spanish police, but the whole operation was coordinated by the head of the Romanian Police. In 2005, Cosmos was arrested in Spain for human trafficking, following his arrest, over 51 house searches were conducted. Investigators also found several devices, used to counterfeit bank cards. Specifically, they seized 900 counterfeit credit cards, fake documents, luxury cars, gold jewelry, fake license plates, drugs and 33,500 euros, braila24.ro reports. Also they detained over 300 people, involved in this organized crime group.

For these facts, Cosmos Tanase was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months of imprisonment in Spain, of which he served only 5 years and 9 months. Throughout his detention, Cosmos Tanase managed to control his network from his prison cell, and the girls regained the streets of Malaga, an area controlled by Gypsies.

cosmos tanase, adevarul.ro.jpg

Cosmos Tanase, adevarul.ro

In 2012, DIICOT (Directorate for Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism) officers arrested Cosmos and other members of his clan for trafficking highly dangerous drugs. The criminals tried to bring to Romania 1.6 kilograms of cocaine from Barcelona. At that time, prosecutors said, "The investigation conducted by the judicial authorities shows that the defendant Cosmos Tanase is recorded giving instruction on how to help him escape from Tapas prison, being searched by the Spanish police," adevarul.ro informs.

In other words, Cosmos managed to flee before he served his sentence. He had received a few days off to attend his father's funeral, and decided to not return to prison, although he had to be released soon.

DIICOT prosecutors had kept him under surveillance for two years, 2011 and 2012, and finally caught him while trying to introduce cocaine to Romania. In 2014, he received 9 years and 6 months of imprisonment. Below, you can read the decision of the Court of Appeal from Iasi:

Soluția pe scurt.png

Over time, the Tanase clan captured people’s attention by fancy parties. Famous performers of Manele (Balcan popular music) such as Adi Minune (Wonder) and Florin Salam always sang at their parties, making hundreds of euros. Aleodor, Cosmos’ son, married at 15-year-old girl and Adi Minune was their wedding godfather. Even the dreaded Nutu Camataru, a close friend of the Tanase clan and Ioan Clamparu, attended the wedding.

The Tanase clan remains the only organized crime group that has withstood the Corduneanu clan, which took hold of Moldova. Gypsies have often managed to be more influential than gangsters from the Cordunenu clan. Presently, both groups are behind the bars.

To understand the financial strength of the Tanase clan, watch the video below, filmed at his son’s wedding: 

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