David Davitean, suspected by prosecutors of being an accomplice of the killer Vitalie Proca, his former brother-in-law, will be investigated for a robbery of two businesspersons and two prosecutors from the Prosecutor General’s Office, committed four years ago and for having shot a man in the leg in 2004. Deputy Prosecutor of Chisinau, Vitalie Sibov, decided to resume the prosecution after his subordinate, Lilian Corpaci, ruled, in March 2016, to cease the prosecution against Davitean.

Davitean, along with other two accomplices, is suspected of having robbed an apartment. On the night of November 21, 2012, at around 02.30 a.m., they broke into an apartment, located in Docuceaev Str. in Chisinau, and attacked with a CZ pistol Vitalie Diaconu, advisor to the president of Ascom. Subsequently, they stole two mobile phones - one of Blackberry model, estimated at 10 thousand lei and another of Vertu model, worth 200 thousand lei.  ZdG conducted an investigation, which found that more people were in the apartment at the moment of the attack, among them were the businessman Vadim Ciornea, two prosecutors from the Department conducting criminal investigation of exceptional cases of the Prosecutor General’s Office, namely, Lilian Cociu and Sergiu Rosu. They were in the company of three prostitutes, including a minor, aged 17.

Prosecutors found that Davitean had been informed by the minor prostitute, but he was not aware that 2 of his prospective clients were prosecutors.

Davitean's lawyer, Alexandru Bodnariuc, claims that the resumption of prosecution is illegal."The ordinance of March 2016 that removed Davitean from criminal prosecution bears a definitive character and the decision to resume prosecution may be taken by the judge only if there are newly discovered facts," the defender argues.

Rascani District Court of Chisinau was to examine Friday, November 23, the legality of resumption of Davitean’s prosecution, but the process was postponed because the prosecutor and Davitean were not present in the court.

Previously, both Davitean and his relatives claimed that he was helped to escape prosecution for the robbery case by Constantin Botnari, a person from the entourage of Vlad Plahotniuc. After Davitean’s arrest, his family said that David was held as a hostage to convince Proca say that Plahotniuc had not ordered the assassination of the Russian banker, Gherman Gorbuntov.

In his turn, Gorbuntov claims that Renato Usatîi was the one, who ordered his assassination. 

Prosecutor General's Office previously announced in a press conference that Renato Usatîi had allegedly sent a significant amount of money to Proca's ex-wife, Tatevic Davitean, to determine Proca to testify in his favor. 

Constantin Botnari has not commented on the accusations so far. The prosecutors have also refrained from comments on the statements of David Davitean and his family.

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