The Italian carabineers arrested two Moldovans while stealing tires from a warehouse. The 36 and 40-year-old men, with numerous criminal record, had been placed under preventive arrest.

The incident has happened in the night of 9th to 10th of December, and the Moldovans were accidently by the carabineers.

The Italian police noticed a suspicious truck and blocked its access to the street. After  the searches they found that the driver, a Moldovan citizen, stole over 150 winter tires. The second Moldovan was caught right in the warehouse stealing tires. He managed to load another truck with over 400 tires. writes that, initially the two men tried to escape but were immediately blocked and placed under arrest.

Also, it has been found that the two vehicles used to transport the tires were stolen.

All the stolen goods were recovered and returned to the tire shop owner, and the two vehicles were also returned to the owners.

The total value of the stolen tires by the two Moldovan was estimated at about 90,000 euros. It is not known yet, what kind of punishment the two men are facing.

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