Illegal transportation of anabolic substances is protected by high-ranking government officials, claims Grigore Cobzac MP, chairman of the parliamentary commission investigating the involvement of Post of Moldova (Posta Moldovei) in illegal transportation of anabolic steroids.  The statement was made during the Interpol TV program, broadcast by TV 7.

He said that the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications and their subordinate institutions, Customs Service and Post of Moldova, opposed the investigation and refused to provide the requested data. 

According to the parliamentarian, many of these drugs, which were sent to the US, are veterinary products, but are used by people.

"Most of the anabolic steroids are sent to the US. This is against the Moldovan law, if they want to deal with exports, there are other rules for individuals. In many countries, anabolic substances are regarded as drugs. I tracked the trafficking of anabolic substances in the US up to the airport. I find very interesting what happens next. I wonder what will be the US Embassy’s reaction to this report," Cobzac said.

Grigore Cobzac was skeptical with regard to the outcomes of this investigation, "I think that the government also needs time to study the report and we will see what happens. I’ve been studying this scheme for 5 months.  It is very dangerous, when such a criminal scheme exists and it is covered by the people who need to curb it and protect the rule of law. The government’s response should have come immediately, but a week has already passed, I am pessimistic in this regard. We tried to understand if law enforcement agencies involved in disclosing this scheme. We managed to obtain information from the third attempt, but we did not find out everything.  We were told that the Customs Service had initiated a criminal case. This arose a question. All the 12 people that we interviewed, customs and postal employees, said they had not been investigated by law enforcement agencies. The Commission has the documents and it means that they have not been examined by the prosecuting authority. We believe that high-rank officials are involved in this scheme. We have information that during the Inquiry, transportations of anabolic substances continued".  

Cobzac has recently presented an alternative report of the Commission investigating the involvement of Post of Moldova in illegal transportation of prohibited substances. The report confirmed the illicit transportation of prohibited substances by Post of Moldova. However, the other members of the Inquiry Commission also presented a report, which denied the phenomenon.

"Their attempt to merge these two reports is impossible. Later, they came up with the proposal to discontinue the work for a month and a half, until November. I think they are trying to drag the time, "Cobzac said.
Cobzac's report shows that this illicit scheme functioned even during the time when Pavel Filip was Minister of Information Technology and Communications. 
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