A Moldovan woman, who works in Israel, was stripped of 400 000 lei by a criminal group, led by several inmates, serving their sentences in Prison No. 1 in Taraclia.

Thus, in 2015 - 2016, the suspects, abused of the thrust of the woman, 35, and using computer systems and social networks, illicitly acquired money from her account through bank transfers.

Following numerous investigations, police identified five members of the group, aged 25-40. In connection with this case, law enforcement officers made 13 raids in Chisinau, Prison No. 1 - Taraclia, Prison No. 5 - Leova and other places, seizing 17 mobile phones, 10 SIM cards, a system block, 4 laptops, 9 memory sticks and other objects.

Two members of the group, who had the role of taking the cash, were arrested and placed in remand ward. 

Press officer of the National Investigation Inspectorate, Diana Sochirca, said that one of the arrested men has criminal records, being investigated for murder. "The police assume that there are other victims, but, at present, they haven’t been reported.”

If found guilty, the arrested suspects face up to 15 years of imprisonment. 

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