North anticorruption prosecutor's office announced the arrest of the Director  of  state-owned enterprise "Enterprise Edinet Forestry" and his son, who works as a professional hunter in the same enterprise. Both were detained by anti-corruption prosecutors and the officers of Internal Protection and Anticorruption Service of MIA for the passive corruption.  

Initially, the criminal case was initiated on the director of the company, who since september 2015 has demanded 3000 euros from one person to hire his son as a foremen.

As a result, the investigation of this criminal case has been documented the fact of participation of son of the director in the passive corruption. In particular, by the instructions of his father, he met a man who wanted to have his son a job as a forester and who passed the required amount in two tranches. Immediately after receiving the money, the son of the director was arrested. After that he acknowledged the receipt of money. When searhing his car, police has been found a loaded pistol model «Beneli» caliber 12 mm without a permit to possess firearms.

Along with the detention of his son, prosecutors detained and father - the director of "Enterprises Forestry Edinet". He was arrested in the village of Lipnik district Ocnita, where he "held" outbuildings. During the search,in the car of the director was also found weapons without permits.

The suspects were preventively detained for 72 hours and placed in a police detention center of Police Inspectorate  Floresti. Now the anti-corruption prosecutors require the court to place  the suspects in custody for 30 days.

Legislation of the Republic of Moldova provide an imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years with a fine of up to 160 thousand lei, and disqualification to hold public office or engage in certain activities from 7 to 10 years for the acts of passive corruption. 

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