Stanislav Florea, the therapist of the psycho-neurological hospital in Balti, accused of raping 16 patients, was found guilty and sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment. The judgement was pronounced on Tuesday, 25 October, by the court of Balti. 

According to the decision of the judges, the doctor will remain at large for another 15 days, until the sentence enters into force. The decision can be appealed to a higher court, and gives Florea the opportunity to enjoy freedom for a longer time, until the Court of Appeal takes a decision with this respect.

Stanislav Florea came to court with his wife. The victims were also present. In the opening, the accused requested adjournment of the court session due to the absence of his lawyer.  However, the magistrates rejected his request.

The victims are not satisfied with the decision and require a life sentence for the doctor. The women also added they are afraid to live in the same city with Stanislav Florea. One of the victims claimed to commit suicide, if the doctor is not sentenced.

In the recess time, Florea refused to make any statements for the press. It should be noted that in April, Stanislav Florea denied having any sexual intercourses with the patients due to his impotence.

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Sursa foto: Cabinetul Avocatei ”Străisteanu Doina Ioana”

Additionally, an online petition had been drafted, which could be signed by any citizen who opted for condemning the doctor to the maximum term, provided by law for rape. The petition gathered more than a thousand signatures in less than 24 hours.

The case was mediatized in February 2013, when a patient of the hospital announced that she had been raped by the doctor that treated her. Later, the investigations revealed other 16 victims.

On 28 February 2013, a criminal case was initiated against Stanislav Florea, in accordance with art. 171, par. 2 (a) of the Penal Code (rape committed by a person who has previously committed a rape) and art. 172 par. 1 of the PC (violent actions of sexual nature).

The trial had been delayed for three years already. Only this year, the pronouncement of the sentence has been postponed several times.

Stanislav Florea, 50, is from Balti. He worked as a therapist at the psycho-neurological hospital of Balti for 27 years and resigned when a criminal case was opened against him. During the investigation, the man was investigated at large.

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