New details come to light in the case of the double murder in Bender. The suspect told the investigators, as part of the investigative experiment, how he killed the Camensics, where he found the weapon and how he hid the bodies.

In a report  made by the regional television, the man said he initially fired into the woman. After he shot the first bullet, the woman stood up and the suspect, being shocked, shot two times more.

The woman was shot on the stair landing, right at the entrance to the fitness center, held by the suspect. The man lured the victim there, pretending to return her a debt.

Later, in a closet behind the building, the killer shot the woman's husband, who came to pick up his wife. The suspect lured Ivan Camensic into the building claiming he wanted to discuss the condition of electric cables. When the victim turned his back, the owner of the gym shot the man in the head.

The suspect told law enforcers that after the first shot, the man tried to get up and he fired another two or three shots.

The crime was committed between 5:00 and 7:00 on the evening of May 2. The shootings were not heard by anyone since it was a day off and there were no people nearby. Later, the suspect hid the dead bodies of the spouses in his minibus and drove the victims’ car to his mother-in-law's house. In the morning, he took the bodies to the beach in Bender and threw them into a well.

The murderer told, in the experiment, that he threw some bags over the two bodies, shut the fountain lid and left home.

Moreover, the man said he had not chosen the fountain by chance, it was he who built it a few years ago.

The suspect is a resident of Bender and is 45 years old. He owns the Samson gym in the building that belongs to the victims. The man rented the premises for four years and owed four thousand dollars to the spouses, which turned out to be the reason for the murder.

The individual also said that he had invested a lot of money in the business and the owners of the building increased the rent and threatened to close the gym, if he did not return the accumulated debt. The man had planned the murder for a month.

The suspect also told the investigators that he shot the spouses from a gun he had previously found on the bank of the Dniester. Immediately after the crime, he threw the gun into the river. The investigators haven’t found it yet.

The disappearance of the spouses was reported by their son on May 3, and the searches of the two were carried out continuously.

The bodies of Valentina and Ivan Camensic were detected with signs of violent death on the night of May 9 on the territory of a beach in the Transnistrian region, in fountain. The body recovery operation lasted about 7 hours.

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