A terrifying case occurred on August 13 in Cania village, Cantemir district. A 25-year-old has killed his adoptive parents because of older conflicts.

The suspect was detained shortly after the neighbors alerted the police and communicated about detecting the corpses.

The adoptive son of the victims, previously tried and without a permanent job, admitted his guilt and confessed that he had killed those in revenge, as they often had conflicts, because they were refusing to give him money.

According to the information, the bodies of the 54-year-old man and his 63-year-old concubine were mutilated, and the forensic doctor found that the deaths of the victims resulted from multiple injuries in the head region.

The young man also told the police that he had hit the two with a pipe in the head region.



"I got up and I smacked him and he fell against the wardrobe. I blew them with a pipe" he told police officers.

Similarly, following the body searches of the suspect, the mobile phones of the victims, stolen after the double murder, but also the objects of the crime, were detected.

Currently, the young man is detained for  a period of 72 hours and is prosecuted for intentional murder; he is at risk of imprisonment for up to 20 years or life imprisonment.

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