Four members of a criminal group with ages between 22 and 30 years, residents of  Chisinau were detained on suspicion of sale of narcotic and psychotropic substances. The leader of 26 years was arrested for 30 days, others being investigated in liberty. All members that were detained are drug users.

 Retention was made by employees of the National Investigation Drug Inspectorate in collaboration with Ciocana Prosecutor's Office, in a garage in Ciocana rented by the suspects as a place for drugs in smaller quantities separation and subsequent achieving them. Also, the garage was used for drug use, inside being found a device crafted for consumption of drugs by inhalation.

 Similarly, officers of investigation stated that the men were selling marijuana and methamphetamine drugs that were made by the leader of the group in Odessa, Ukraine, and for transporting he used his personal vehicle. Methamphetamine was sold in nightclubs in the capital.

 As part of searches carried out in that garage they were discovered and confiscated about 110 grams of methamphetamine, about 10 grams of marijuana and two electronic weighing scale. One gram of methamphetamine was sold by suspects with MDL 500, thus the total amount of drug detected is about MDL 60.000.

 In this case was initiated a criminal case under Art. RM 217/1, paragraph 4 of the Penal Code.

If suspects will be proven guilty, they could face a prison sentence of 7-15 years. 

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