A 38 years old man, residing in Leova, aka ”Maharadze", which is also an active member of the criminal group "Makena" and which previously was convicted of theft in especially large proportions was detained for 30 days. It is suspected that he sent drugs to Leova prisons in order to sell them to prisoners. 
The police have determined that the suspect, together with a 30 years old prisoner, aka ,,Ritari" (the Knight), which is serving his sentence in Prison No. 3 in Leova, were selling narcotics to prisoners. The last one was convicted of theft in especially large amounts and is considered to be the supervisor of the prison and is an active member of the criminal group Makena. He was buying prohibited substances from “Maharadze” and subsequently selling them. 

On 23 June this year, the police conducted searches at the premises of the suspect “Maharadze” where they found a gas pistol, several ecstasy pills that were to het to prison, 6 ampoules of diazepam and a 7.62 calibre bullet cartridge.

Simultaneously, together with prison employees, there have been undertaken a series of searches at the detention place of the suspect alias ,,Ritari" (the Knight) where law enforcement bodies have discovered and withdrawn several mobile phones, documents and drafts with records on the money coming from criminal activities.
According to the legislation, the persons found guilty of "illegal circulation of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues for the purpose of alienation" are punishable by imprisonment for 7 to 15 years.

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