A true laboratory of plant cultivation and growing of hemp was discovered by the Capital Police in the home of a man aged 24 years from a village of the district Straseni.

In the special investigative actions and prosecution, the police found that he cultivated and grew hemp plants under special conditions in an improvised laboratory for trading purposes.

In one of the rooms of the house was found a furnished room, equipped with special insulation of walls and sufficient lighting and fans for creating favorable conditions for growing hemp. The man told the police that his parents went abroad, and he decided to earn money in this way.

At the spot were sealed and raised the plants in pots, as well as a dry and crumbled vegetable mass, ready for sale.

The suspect was handcuffed and escorted to the Directorate of Police of Chisinau for hearings.

In this context was initiated a criminal case for illegal circulation of drugs, etnobotanics or analogues thereof for the purpose of alienation, which is punishable by a fine of RON 12.000 to 18.000 or imprisonment up to 2 years.

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