A specialized heroin type drug circulation group in the country, was found by law enforcement people after they have documented their criminal activity for 5 months.

The group was ruled by a man of 46 years, known in the underworld alias "Saskej" and 4 members aged between 33 and 56 years, residing in Chisinau. Earlier, four of them have been prosecuted for similar serious and very serious offenses.

Documenting of the criminal group started in May this year with the detention in flagrant of two members, alias "Kaban" and "Vidra" who intended to sell 10 grams of heroin at a price of about MDL 22 thousand.

Subsequently, special measures were undertaken by the investigation, in which other members were arrested, including the head of the group that provided "colleagues" with drugs for marketing. At the same time, his concubine was also deconspired, she was working as a doctor at the Center for Narcology.

As a result of a search at the residence of the group's leader and his concubine, it was found and raised an impressive amount of greenhouse psychotropic drugs in pills and vialsof  undocumented provenance. The police have established that drugs were stolen by the woman at work.

Similarly, after the searches of other members of the group were found about 200 grams of heroin, electronic scales and money from drug realization. Narcotic substances were brought in Moldova by smuggling them from Turkey and were to reach the "Black Market" in Moldova.

In this case, four suspects were arrested for 30 days, and the woman is being investigated in freedom. If found guilty, the criminal group members risk imprisonment from 7 to 15 years.

Police are still investigating the case in order to identify all members of the criminal group.

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