Two residents of Edinet district, both aged 33, have been detained by law enforcement authorities, suspected, along with others, of smuggling and marketing of psychotropic pills and hashish. For a pill of Subutex the consumer had to pay 1 thousand lei.

The drugs were illegally brought from France to the Republic of Moldova for subsequent sale to consumers. Having infiltrated an undercover officer as a drug consumer, who made a control purchase and bought Subutex pills, it was established that a pill was sold at the price of 1000 lei.

Following some special investigative measures that lasted for a month, law enforcement officials identified the method of illegal drug transportation. Thus, on May 8, 2018, the bus running from France to Chisinau was stopped at the Leuseni - Albita customs. Law enforcers found 70 pills camouflaged in food stuffs and two packs of hashish in a bag, transported by this bus.


Subsequently, law enforcers supervised the delivery to the consignees and, at the time of receipt, detained the suspects.

The value of the pills that have been detected and seized is about 70 thousand lei.

The suspects acknowledged the guilt and were detained for 72 hours, and then placed under arrest for 30 days. If found guilty, they risk prison sentences of 7 to 15 years.

One of the suspects was convicted in December 2017 for similar offenses to 3 years and 6 months of suspended custody, and is currently on probation.

The Moldovan police officers jointly with the competent authorities of France continue to investigate other persons involved in the drug smuggling and delivery scheme.

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