Over the past 72 hours, officers in charge from Penitentiary No.4- Cricova and Penitentiary No.6-Soroca identified two deviations from the law on the introduction of prohibited objects and substances in detention facilities.

Thus, according to the press release, issued by the Department of Penitentiary Institutions , on 13 August 2016, at the control point of Prison No. 4 in Cricova, a woman, aged 27, passed a package for a prisoner, aged 29, containing a USB cable, five mobile phones, two chargers and an internet modem.

An hour later, in the same prison, the officers identified a package of supplies sent by a man, aged 41, to a prisoner, aged 26, containing two mobile phone chargers and a battery, two SIM cards and two Internet modems. 

The same day, at around 4:30 pm, while surveilling the territory of Prison No.6- Soroca, the sentry on the watchtower noticed something, thrown over the building of the detention facility. Therefore, moving towards the site, the officers discovered a spherical object, wrapped with adhesive tape, which contained 41 grams of green plant mass with distinct odor of marijuana.

Additionally, following the searches, conducted by specialized officers at Lipcani prison No.2, Leova prison No.3, Cricova prisons No. 4 and No. 15, Pruncul prison No.9, Balti prison No.11 and Chisinau prison No.13, prohibited items were found in the cells of prisoners and adjacent infrastructures.

Thus, they found in various makeshift hidings 10 mobile phones and 14 accessories, 3 sets of playing cards, 7 liters of alcoholic beverage of rotgut type, 150 liters of alcoholic beverage of ,,wash " type, 2.5 liters of  beer, 2 sharp objects, three thrust objects and two electric heaters.

The above cases were documented and the materials collected were referred to the adjacent Police Inspectorates to conduct investigations and take decisions as required by law.

DPI mentions that countering importation of prohibited objects into the detention facilities, as well as fighting their storage by the detainees are daily actions in all the prisons of the country.

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