Three people, aged between 20 and 23, residing in Chisinau, members of a criminal group, specializing in drug marketing were detained and arrested for 30 days.

Following the investigations, carried out by the officers of Anti-Drug Department under the National Investigation Inspectorate jointly with Buiucani Prosecutor's Office established that the suspects, drug addicts, marketed in Chisinau narcotic substances of marijuana type, grown in laboratory environment in very large quantities.

The official investigation of the criminal group started at the end of July together with the detention of a person that bought marijuana both for personal use and for his acquaintances, he had two packets of vegetable mass on him. Subsequently, special investigation measures were undertaken. The detained person collaborated with the prosecuting authority in order to identify all the members of the criminal group. Thus, the officers managed to liquidate the drug distribution cells.

The suspects, whose role was to distribute drugs, specifically marijuana (hydroponics), were detained on the territory of Chisinau municipality. One of the suspects was arrested, when transporting drugs, hidden in the underwear.

Following the searches in the suspects’ homes, police officers revealed more polyethylene packets of zip-lock type, containing vegetable mass, similar to marijuana, grown in laboratory environment (hydroponic) ready for use, a device, crafted for the consumption of marijuana by inhalation with visible traces of use, small-scale electronic scales, mobile phones, money, obtained from selling drugs.

One sachet of marijuana was traded at 400 lei, thus, the value of the seized drugs is approximately 10 000 lei.

If suspects are proven guilty, they could face a prison sentence of 7-15 years.

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