A 40-year-old resident of Chisinau was caught drunk driving in the company of her underage son. The driver hit a car, made a row and aggressed the traffic agents.

The woman was stopped by the police for driving chaotically and damaging another car.  Publika.md informs that the incident took place on Milescu Spataru Street in the Ciocana District of Chisinau. Additionally, the driver had her son as a car passenger.

While the traffic agents were trying to talk to the driver, she assaulted them and broke the rearview mirror of their car. 

The woman also refused to talk to the journalists. Being asked what alcoholic drinks she consumed, the driver refused to reveal details. Her son, however, wanted the woman to answer: "What alcoholic drinks have you consumed today? - Mom, tell them what you had... - What shall I say, what shall I say? "

The driver refused to undergo the alcohol test, and will therefore be initiated a criminal case for her behavior. 

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