Moldovan Border Service communicated the discovery late last week of several batches of undeclared goods to be illegaly sold on the local market.

The first case was registered on 08 September, at the national border post Chisinau 3 (Industrial), where boder officials found 5.962 of hardware for doors, worth over MDL 600.000, which have not been declared to border authorities. The goods were concealed in a cargo compartment of a truck coming from the Russian Federation.

At that time, the Sculeni border inspectors have found eight Apple iPhone 6S mobiles, which were hidden in the medical kit, glovebox and armrest of a car driven by a Moldovan citizen, aged 33.

Undeclared goods were also found at the airport in the capital, when scanning the passenger hold baggage of the Istanbul-Chisinau flight. Acting on the basis of risk analysis, border officers redirected the luggage of a countryman for further verification. As a result of the physical check, they discovered 70 clothing pieces that had markings of famous brands.

The fourth case was reported at the border post Leuşeni, where a Moldovan citizen, aged 61, tried to introduce in the country by concealing from border control, a lot of power tools, car speakers, components and IT accessories.

In all these cases, the goods were seized and sent to subdivisions of the Border Service to continue research and undertake legal measures.

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