The antidrug campaign is intensifying. Once police officers have detained several people as part of an extensive operation to combat drug trafficking, Drug Directorate officers of National Investigation Inspectorate have crushed other two criminal groups.

As a result, ten people engaged in drug dealing have been documented, six of them were arrested for 30 days, and four people were placed under judicial control.

Following the criminal investigation, police officers seized drugs, psychoactive substances, 2 guns, bankcards, more than 100 000 lei and 5000 euros, computers, mobile phones and electronic data storage devices.

The first case concerns a criminal group that specialized in hard drugs dealing  in especially large quantities throughout Moldova. A prisoner, who is serving his sentence in a prison in the country, coordinated the group actions. He divided the roles and tasks of each group member. There were people in the group, responsible for purchasing heroin from abroad, some stored it, others collected money, and some of them were responsible for the production and transmission of heroin to end consumers. At large, the group was managed by a woman from Chisinau, aged 32.

The heroin was sent to Chisinau to people who distributed it in smaller quantities and it was later sold for $ 2,200 lei per gram. Following the criminal investigation, five members of the group, aged between 26 and 33, were detained. The searches performed resulted in detection of drugs, namely heroin (over 50 gr) worth about 110 000 lei, small-scale electronic scales, a weapon (revolver), 12 mobile phones and cash worth over 70,000 lei.

Another case was separately inititated against a member of the aforementioned group, who besides the heroin trade used to prepare and sell ethnobotanics (spice). He sold drugs through electronic communication platforms, like telegram, Viber, Skype, placing ads on the fences, car stops, walls of apartment buildings - places populated by young people that are prone to this type of drug consumption.

A package of 10 grams of drug was sold at the price of 200 lei, payments were made electronically via electronic payment terminals, and the drug was transmitted without a physical contact between the buyer and producer.

Following the search, carried out in the house of the 31-year-old resident of Riscani District of Chisinau, police officers found and seized  ethnobotanics, a psychotropic pill, a packet of heroin, a gun of undocumented provenance, two radio stations, 12 mobile phones, documents with records of quantities of drugs sold and money collected, computers and electronic storage devices, money worth about 50,000 lei.

In both cases, criminal cases were initiated. In accordance with the law, persons found guilty of "illegal circulation of drugs, ethnobotanics or analogues thereof for the purpose of alienation" shall be punishable by imprisonment of 7 to 15 years.

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