Two men from Chisinau have been detained by police after they broke the windshields of five cars and stole music players from them in just one night. The thieves were arrested near the railway station, when trying to sell the stolen goods.

The thieves turned out to be residents of the capital, aged 25 years and 33, previously sentenced for thefts.

According to the police, they chose cars, parked in poorly lit places, then made sure that the cars were not equipped with alarm systems and broke the windscreens with a stone.

The suspects have been detained for 72 hours in the detention ward of the Police Department of Chisinau. They are prosecuted for theft and risk fines from 6000 lei to 20 000 lei, unpaid community work of 180 to 240 hours, or imprisonment for up to 4 years.

To avoid such cases, the police recommend people to park their cars in illuminated places and not leave valuables in sight.

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