Five Moldovan citizens were detained in Moscow for trying to rob the house of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate chief Igor Korobov. The incident occurred in the Moscow’s suburbia.

On the evening of May 27, Korobov was informed by the house’s security guards about a potential robbery attempt after the alarm was activated. He immediately alerted the police. The officers have found a pack of cigarettes on the windowsill and several fingerprints on a window.

The police officers supposed that the robbers most probably were scared of alarm.

After examining the surveillance records and interviewing the neighbors, the police officers began to look for thieves among workers in the village. Two days later, five Moldovan citizens were detained, suspected of robbery attempt. They are also suspected of committing similar crimes in the nearby elite village.

The case is investigated by the Russian police.

Recently there were detained another 4 Moldovans for stealing money from the ATMs.

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