Five people were detained and two of them arrested under suspicion of tax evasion, money laundering and pseudo entrepreneurial activities.

Prosecutors that are investigating the case speak about damages amounting to almost half a billion lei.

The scheme involved seven people, five of whom were detained.

The amount of 252 million lei was not paid to the state budget, while the money laundering operations reach almost 300 million lei.

The profit earned was legalized through various fictitious transactions, and money was withdrawn in cash.

According to the prosecutor Vitalie Busuioc, this criminal scheme was possible due to the fact that the perpetrators introduced into the accounting, financial and tax documents distorted data on incomes and expenditures of their undertakings. "These perpetrators do not specify the VAT and respectively, income taxes amounting to 250 million lei are not paid," Busuioc commented for

"They legalized the funds, obtained from the sale of goods and services in the amount of 292 million lei, which were not reflected in the accounting of the undertakings, and subsequently, withdrew the money in cash," the prosecutor said for the same source.

However, Busuioc believes that the persons concerned were members of two groups. A group allegedly activated since the beginning of 2015 until this May, while the second carried out its activities during the first six months of 2016.

Prosecutors sequestrated the homes, cars and a bank account of members of both groups. The suspects, if convicted, face up to 18 years of imprisonment. 

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