Five members of an organized criminal group were sentenced to a total of 87 years' imprisonment “for theft in especially large amounts”. The detainees, aged between 27 and 35, are residents of the districts Comrat and Ceadir-Lunga.

The verdict was dictated by Râşcani District Court of the capital. The Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office has proven that during the months of January-February 2016, the defendants stole from two exchange offices and a pawn shop from Chisinau, three safes full of money and gold objects. According to the estimates, the damage caused to injured parties exceed the sum of one and half million lei. The defendants were acting at night, breaking the door in such a way that in less than 40 seconds they managed to leave the crime scene with the safes.

The prosecutor of the case, Nicolae Zanevici, said that two of the five people, were previously prosecuted for theft and driving under the influence of alcohol. "Three of them were sentenced to 21 years in prison - for three offenses, one was sentenced to 16 years in prison - for two offenses, and the last was sentenced to eight years in prison - for one offense. The five will serve their sentence in a semi-closed prison", said Zanevici.

The suspects were detained on February 10th, 2016, shortly after the committing the third theft. They were placed under arrest until pronouncing the sentence.

The sentence can be appealed according to the law.

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