The charge of human trafficking for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation in Romania, initiated against two citizens of Ukraine and two of Romania, was sent to court.

According to the indictment, in the period of April - May, the defendants recruited by fraud a woman from Cahul. Under an invented pretext, they took her to the city of Galati in Romania, where she provided sexual services to several persons. When the victim returned home, the defendants imposed her to return part of the money for her transportation to Romania.

In July this year, the defendants tried again to traffic in the victim and another person from her entourage, but she announced the officials, after which all the four defendants were detained by prosecutors and officers of the Centre for Combating Trafficking in Persons. At the time of arrest, one of them had fake documents.

Eugen Rosca, main specialist of the Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, said that one of the suspects had criminal records. He also added that the woman from Cahul was the only victim, trafficked by the defendants.

Currently, two of the defendants are in custody, while the other two have been banned from leaving the country. If the court finds the four defendants guilty, they face up to 15 years of imprisonment.

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