Former Briceni District Commissioner, Valeriu Moscalu, is accused of pinching 237,000 euros from a Moldovan citizen, who worked in France, promising him to buy several hectares of arable land.

In a press conference, the victim, Gheorghe Andronic, and his lawyer, Iulian Rusanovschi, communicated that Moscalu had forged documents, confirming the so-called purchase of land and appropriated Andronic's money.

Following an agreement that the victim made with Moscalu, the former commissioner was supposed to buy arable land at the price of 1000 euros per ha and Andronic had to transfer him the money from France. Moscalu was to receive the specified amount and, afterwards, to hand over to Andronic the proof that the land was purchased into his name.

According to the lawyer, the first arrangements were respected, and later, taking advantage of Andronic's confidence, the former commissioner demanded the transfer of new sums of money and presented false documents, confirming the purchase. The victim's estimated loss amounts to 237 thousand euros.

The defender also said that the expert's examination proved that the documents presented by Moscalu were fake and that the victim had been cheated of a large amount of money and remained without land.

In 2016, requesting information from the cadastral service, the victim found out that the land had been recorded into his name.

"He was told that he has a total of 70 hectares of land on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and not 307 hectares, as it should have resulted from the transactions with Valeriu Moscalu," the lawyer said.

On the extorted money, Moscalu had allegedly built a refrigeration unit in the village of Cupcini, a bakery and planted an orchard near Edinet.

"While we gave him money, he was extending his refrigeration unit and the bakery. Everyone in the district wondered how Moscalu became so rich overnight. We did not realize that he used our money to our money to extend his business," Gheorghe Andronic confessed.

In April 2016, a case for swindle was filed against Moscalu but in December 2016, Moscalu was released of prosecution on the ground that he was not guilty and was only accused of obtaining and the use of false documents.

Moreover, the lawyer informed that General Prosecutor, Eduard Harunjen, removed this case from the management of the General Prosecutor’s Office and referred it to the Prosecutor's Office of Edinet.

It is alleged that the general prosecutor is Valeriu Moscalu's friend and had influenced the case.

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Eduard Harunjen dismissed the allegations and said he was not on friendly terms with Moscalu. The Prosecutor General also specified that he cannot explain why the case had been handed over to the Prosecutor's Office in Edinet, he has to document himself on the issue and will then come back with more details.

In November 2017, following several complaints lodged by the victim's lawyer, the Balti Court of Appeal ordered the resumption of criminal prosecution against the former commissioner.

When the criminal case was filed, Moscalu took a paternity leave, and on December 18 he should return to the position of hhead of the Briceni Police Inspectorate. The lawyer claims that Moscalu should not resume his office because he had committed numerous crimes against several inhabitants of Briceni and Edinet districts.

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