New details about the monstrous activity of Igor Sandler, headmaster of boarding school no. 3 in Chisinau, come to light.  A former student of the institution told about the nightmare she had been through and about Sandler’s violent and perverse behavior towards his underage students.

Elena Barlow was a student of the boarding school in the period of 1999 to 2005. Subsequently, she left the institution, being adopted by an American family. In a letter, the 28-year-old woman, wrote that Sandler used to beat the children and send them to the Psychiatric Hospital. The information was disclosed by Fiodor Ghelici, chairman of the Public Control Commission within the Council of the Civil Society under the President of the Republic of Moldova.

"When I lived in the boarding school, the living conditions were below the limit, there was no hot water and sometimes even food. There was a special room in the medical unit for those who wanted to have a shower. Once, being in the changing room, I heard someone screaming. Sandler came into the shower room and watched at the girls. The girls were naked, they did not even managed to get dressed," the young woman said.

The former student also said that all the children feared Sandler and he was a very dangerous man. The young woman still remembers the headmaster’s voice and his inappropriate and violent behavior.

"On weekends, he used to come and punish the disobedient students. It made him a special pleasure to punish beautiful little girls. Sometimes, he invited into a special room one little girl, sometimes two or three. We could hear from that room screams and Sandler's voice, "Take off your hands, take off your hands." The children said they asked to undress and the headmaster beat them with a TV cable, or with his leather belt. He beat them for two hours, apparently enjoying it," the young woman confessed.

The former boarding school student says that being violently beaten, the children were not able to sit for weeks, while Sandler became very cheerful. Also, the young woman is convinced that the aggressor had sexually abused several students.

Another shocking detail is the fact that Sandler forcibly sent students to the Psychiatric Hospital. Those who did not obey him or whom he disliked reached the hospital. According to Elena Barlow, when returning from hospital, the children were very scared and behaved strangely.

Sandler is also accused of committing some irregularities in the process of Elena’s adoption.  He had allegedly asked for $ 7,000 from the American family, who wanted to adopt Elena, and when they refused to pay the money, Sandler created impediments.

Elena also writes that if the headmaster of the boarding school is released, she will pray for him to die for all the horrors and the humiliation that the children went through in these 20 years.

Prosecutor of the case, Vladimir Mosneaga, told for CrimeMoldova that all the statements made by people, who had previously studied at the boarding school are to be checked. 

"We will do our best to hear these people officially. Investigations and hearings are currently under way. This helped us to identify several students / injured parties, who reported ill-treatment of a violent nature," Mosneaga said. The source also said that prosecutors have already filed a court request for the extension of the arrest warrant issued into the suspect's name, which is to be examined in the near future.

It should be mentioned that Igor Sandler, headmaster of the boarding school no. 3, is charged with torturing students and trafficking in children. Currently, he is in custody, and if found guilty, he may face a prison term of up to 25 years or life imprisonment. 

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