Four members of a criminal group between 23 and 47 years old, residents of Chisinau and Cimishlia, were detained by the police for 72 hours. They are suspected of smuggling and illegal trading of religious objects with a historical value.

The suspects were smuggling the objects of high cultural value from Ukraine and sold them in our country.

Three officers under the cover were implemented into the criminal group to identify the smugglers.  

On April 18, four members of the group were detained in the act, while delivering three icons and gospel from Transylvania (dated XVI – XVIII centuries) for the undercover officers.

They intended to sell the "The Ascension of Christ" icon for over 145 thousand euros, the "The Holy Mother of God" icon for about 18 thousand euro, "The holy trinity surrounded by saints" icon for over 65 thousand euro and a Bible for over 20 thousand euro. The suspects totally requested over 248 thousand euros.

During the searches at the suspects’ homes were confiscated: 2,600 cartridges for Kalashnikovs, 240 cartridges of 9 mm, 12 swords (dated XVIII-XIX centuries, made in Russia and Germany), 10 signaling rockets, a gas gun and two revolvers manufactured in 1810.

There was initiated a criminal case. Those persons are suspected of smuggling and illegal holding of weapons without authorization. They can spend the next 10 years in prison or face up a fine up to 12 thousand lei.

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