Prosecutor’s Office to Fight Organized Crime and Special Causes accused four men of large-scale smuggling of goods.

According to a statement, issued by the public relations department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, in August this year, the accused imported goods from Romania to Moldova. However, the accompanying documents contained wrong information about the quantity and nature of goods. 

According to the indictment, the value of the goods, specified in the accompanying documents, was 120 times smaller than in reality. Having searched the Mercedes-Benz, which transported the goods, mentioned in the customs declaration that was submitted to the customs body, officers found and seized goods worth over 2 million lei.

Senior Adviser of public relations of the Prosecutor General’s Officer, Eugen Rosca, said that among the four people detained were 2 company directors and a driver, aged 49, resident of Straseni. 

"The goods were transported from Romania for sale. Two companies are involved in this case, one is registered in Romania, it issues documents, while the second deals with the transportation of goods," Rosca said.

Prosecutors completed the investigation of the criminal case and sent it for examination to the court. 

Currently, the defendants are in custody awaiting trial, and if found guilty, they risk imprisonment of up to 10 years. 

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