Center for Combating Human Trafficking of the National Investigation Inspector and PCCOCS have documented four people using sexual services offered by two young women.

The press service of the General Police Inspectorate reports that, after documenting four people, two of them proved to be the organizers of facilitating the provision of sexual services of two young girls aged 25 and 26 years. For services rendered, they would be paid EUR 150 each.

The men were handcuffed on the evening of September 20 in a sauna in Chisinau.

Today, wrote that one of those detained is a former employee of NAC, FISC's and Special Missions Directorate, Alexei Bolboceanu, son of former DP deputy, Iurie Bolboceanu and another person would be Eduard Patraşaca a Our Party sympathizer who appears in several pictures of Renato Usatîi.

In this case there was initiated a criminal investigation for pimping, and if found guilty, the men risk imprisonment up to 7 years. 

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