A criminal group specialized in burglary was depicted by the investigation officers from the Buiucani Police Inspectorate of the Chisinau Police Department. The members proved to be three individuals aged between 18 years to 33 years, residing in the Chisinau.

Following the special investigative measures taken, the police determined that they would have managed to get in at least five homes, where they stole funds and material goods, whose value is being determined by the owners. Following the searches at the homes of the suspects, the police discovered certain object whose origin they could not prove. All of these objects were withdraw as evidence and will be returned to owners.

In this context it was initiated a criminal case for theft in significant proportions. They can be punished by imprisonment for a term of 2 up to 6 years.

In order to prevent and combat such crimes, Chisinau police recommends the following:

• If you leave your home and go to a neighbor or are missing for some time - do not leave the door unlocked;

• Make sure the main entrance door of your house is locked overnight;

• Be careful that in every circumstance no one steals your keys or you don’t lose them. If this happened - immediately change the door lock;

• Educate your children to react promptly in case someone unknown tries to convince them about being your friends or coworkers with and that they came to take the keys from your house or certain goods;

• Attach a safety chain on the interior side of the door. It will limits its opening when you unlock it to a person you do not know;

• Do not believe the people that try to sell you goods (dishes, detergents, jewelry, etc.). They can divert your attention in order to steal;

• For the owners of apartments on the ground floor it is recommended not to leave the bathroom window open overnight. Install a crib or an alarm system on the windows that are exposed to the danger of escalation;

• If you go on holiday or weekend, call an acquaintance or a trusted neighbor to watch your house. Leave him a phone number where you can be found.

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