During July-August this year, the Center for Combating Computer Crimes of the National Investigation Inspectorate established that in Republic of Moldova, the infecting of systems with Ransomware virus type Non-encryption has intensified.

According to a press release issued by the GPI, the virus is represented as both a computer screen lock, as well as mobile phone lock, unlocking provided in exchange for a fee on the pretext of paying the fine for judicial organs of law. Immediately after it infects the system, the virus locks your PC and displays a message on behalf of the Ministry of Interior. In this case, the victim is informed that have illegal files that were detected after scanning the computer. In addition, the user is required to pay a "fine" through an online payment system.

For reaching their goals, criminals show the following message:


Based on the Decision Nr.63-6122 on July 31, 2016 you have been fined with MDL 500

You have been blocked because you repeatedly visited sites containing pornographic material prohibited by the laws of the Republic, namely, items of pedophile pornography, violence and propaganda of homosexuality. It is necessary to pay the fine acrding to decision nr.63-6122 from 31 July 2016 in the amount of MDL 500 in wallets state of MIA of RM for receiving fines from the system WebMoney. "

The virus occurs from accessing websites with pornographic content, as they are among the most infected sites that do not have minimum requirements for computer security.

According to information gathered virus occurs on 25% of sites with video or audio content (web pages with pornographic content); 21.63% refers to "installer" type programs (programs designed to install drivers, plugins etc) or software updates; 16.53% claimed they are "crack" programs and key generators and 16% were social media URLs.

Thus, in order to avoid infecting the systems with malicious software mentioned above, the Centre for Combating Computer Crimes of the National Investigation Inspectorate recommends the following protective measures:

 -Use of licensed software products;

-Installation of updated security solutions;

-Use of browsers with proactive protection;

-Obtaining exploration of sites with illegal content,

Maximum caution receiving e-mails, opening / processing suspicious attachments or other dubious content.

General Police Inspectorate states that it does not use such methods for applying fines as paying such rewards is absolutely illegal and unjustified.

People who have suffered from illegal actions are urged to contact the Center for Combating Computer Crimes of the National Investigation Inspectorate (str. Bucuriei 14, Chișinău).

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