The criminal Grigore Caramalac is internationally wanted, as a warrant for 30 days of arrest was issued into his name.

The Court of the Center District of Chisinau issued this decision at the request of the Prosecutor for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Special Causes.

According to, the Head of the General Inspectorate of Police, Alexandru Panzari, confirmed the information.

In 2015, the criminal authority, aka Bulgaru escaped the prosecution in Russia, as his cases were transferred by the decision of the former Interim Prosecutor General Andrei Pantea, and now investigators have reopened the criminal investigation for several charges, including extortion and attempted murder.

Caramalac was several times arrested in Russia and Ukraine, but he was released each time. In Moldova, there were two criminal cases against him, he was suspected of committing offenses of banditry, complicity to attempted premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances, extortion and embezzlement in especially large amounts, for which he was announced and is still wanted internationally.


For several years, Moscow had refused to extradite Caramalac, while prosecutors in Chisinau investigated him. This situation makes us believe that Bulgaru managed to buy the indulgence of the Russian authorities, too.

Caramalac is known to be a close friend of Renato Usatii’s and he allegedly financed several Moldovan politicians on the money obtained from the illicit businesses.

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