Four members of an organized criminal group, which specializes in illegally selling marijuana in very large proportions, will appear on defendant’s bench. The smuggling was performed through an NGO that deals with the phenomenon of drug use prevention.

The press service of the General Prosecutor’s Office stated that, between2015 - 2016, the head of the criminal group with two military people engaged in the Military Unit from Cahul and some other people, created a criminal network that was selling drugs throughout Moldova. The head of the criminal group was also an official of the social association “Pas cu Pas” specializing in the phenomenon of drug use prevention.

Thus, the leader of the group, negotiated and managed the entire process of purchasing and selling marijuana. The drug was then divided into smaller doses and having access to the lists of all the registered drug addicts, he was selling it to them.

The drug substance was purchased from unknown persons. During the criminal investigation about 1 kg of marijuana was found, which represents an extremely large amount  and is worth about 50 thousand lei. The drug was sold at a wholesale price to the group members, and then one gram of marijuana was sold at 250 lei.

After the search at the residencies of the members of the group, several electronic scales were found, used to divide the drug in smaller doses, and to then be sold to third parties. Also, some marijuana particles were detected on the surface of the scales.

The suspects are aged between 19 and 40 years old, and are from Cahul and Chisinau.

According to the State Register of nonprofit organizations, the NGO "Pas cu Pas" was registered on 16th of August 1999, and according to the typology, it is an international organization.

Currently, the law enforcement officers are taking the necessary measures to detect other accomplices of this illegal business and to determine if other members of the association knew about the illegal actions of the suspect.

The criminal case was sent to the prosecutors at the Chisinau Central Court, and the defendants are facing up to 15 years in prison for this crime.

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