Several members of a group, specialized in tobacco smuggling, were detained Thursday, November 17, following the raids, carried out in three villages of Briceni District by border police under the supervision of prosecutors. 

The raids in the homes of the suspects in cigarette smuggling began at 7.00 in the morning. So far, police officers seized cigarette packages that had been specially prepared to be smuggled across the border, technical means used to transport the cigarettes across the Prut River, telephones and notebooks with notes.

The press officer of the Border Police, Dorina Cebotari, said that searches were carried out as part of a criminal case, initiated for smuggling. The group consists of more than ten members, who have been practicing this activity for many years.

"We know that tobacco products were to be transported to Romania, and then sold in the European Union,"Cebotari said.

The persons, suspected of cigarette smuggling, are to be heard and subjected to legal measures. 

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