Another hideous murder took place on New Year's Eve. Two shepherds from the village of Malaiesti, Orhei District, were killed in the sheepfold where they worked, informs.

According to the source, the dead bodies of the men, aged 47 and 48, were found yesterday evening by the owner of the sheepfold.

According to the police, there were traces of violent death on the men’s dead bodies, indicating that they had been beaten to death.

"According to the coroner, one of the persons was hit with a blunt hard object in the head, while the other with a glass object, "said Ala Garam, deputy head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Orhei Inspectorate of Police, quoted by

The source states that the sheepfold is less than 1 km away from the village and people living nearby said they had not heard or seen anything suspicious.

According to the police, not a single sheep disappeared from the sheepfold. The owner of the sheepfold and several villager were summoned to Orhei Inspectorate of Police to be heard.

A criminal case for premeditated murder was initiated with this respect. The offender faces a term of up to 25 years or life imprisonment.

So far, the officials have no suspect.

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