A man of 28 years old inhabitant of the Dobrogea village, was detained by police on charges of premeditated murder.

The suspect was previously judged for serious heritage related crimes being released from prison in 2014. He was detained in Botanica, resisting the police.

Chisinau City Police Department communicates that on the evening of July 22, Police was alerted by some inhabitants of Dobrogea,that an apartment had a specific smell of a body. An operative group of the IP Botanica of Chisinau Police Department  and the coroner, moved urgently to the place to determine the circumstances reported by tenants.

The police found at the address indicated, the corpse of a man with obvious signs of violence on his body inflicted with a sharp object, which turned out to be of the homeowner aged 49 years. According to neighbors, the man formerly consumed in an abusive way alcoholic beverages in the circle of dubious people.

In this context special investigation measures were initiated by employees of the Police Department of Chisinau joined by PI Botanica, to identify and retain the author of the crime.

Investigations officers have elucidated a number of specific circumstances in which the individual was involved when the man was cruelly murdered. 

In the criminal investigation and special investigation actions, it was found that the suspect previously frequently consumed alcohol with the victim, and on 21 July 2016 a conflict would have initiated between them that led to the several fatal knife wounds.

The suspect is currently in arrest under investigation for premeditated murder and can be punished with imprisonment from 10 years to 15 years.

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