Botanica IP investigative officers of the Police Department of Chisinau, discovered the hemp plants in the garden of a resident of the Sangera town, aged 37 years.

Hemp bushes which were planted and cared for properly, were snatched by police. In the spot, the plants were subsequently sealed and transported to the Center of technical, forensic and judicial expertise GPI for performing specialized expertise.

Also, the police found in the house of the suspect hemp plant grown in pots, a vegetable green table , dryed and crumbled, ready for subsequent marketing, and various inhalers drugs devices, which were seized and sealed according to the procedure.

In this case, police have initiated criminal proceedings in order to accumulate all the evidence, under the accusation of illegal circulation of drugs. If found guilty, the suspect could face a penalty of a fine of MDL 12.000 to 18.000 or imprisonment up to 2 years.

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